• Qumba Kombucha
  • Qumba Kombucha
    • Qumba Kombucha
    • Qumba Kombucha


      Kombucha Powder - 8.1 oz



      A Refreshing Tasty Experience

      Looking for a warm but refreshing taste experience? Look no further than the highly desirable Gingerberry. With its fruity, slightly sweet, yet peppery flavor, we bring you a whole new level of drinkability.

      Other Ingredients
      Sugar Cane (Organic), Citric Acid, Natural Flavor, Calcium Silicate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Stevia RebaudiosideA Leaf Extract, Natural Purple Carrot Juice Color
      Qumba Kombucha

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      • Artichoke Root

        (Helianthus tuberosus)
        Artichokes are a great source of fiber, specifically inulin, which can help keep your digestive system healthy, improve liver health, lower blood sugar, and regulate blood pressure.
      • Apple Cider Vinegar

        Apple cider vinegar has been used as a natural remedy for hundreds of years. It has claims to treat issues such as poor digestion, high blood sugar, insulin sensitivity, high cholesterol, and heartburn.
      • Ginger

        Ginger contains antioxidants and other nutrients to help treat and prevent various types of illnesses such as inflammation, arthritis, stomach pain, and nausea. It also can potentially reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, and certain respiratory issues.
      • Green Tea

        Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and natural compounds like polyphenols, EGCG, and catechin to fight inflammation, boost metabolism and brain function, and reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.
      • Probiotics

        (i.e. lactobacilus acidophilus)
        Probiotics are the “beneficial” bacteria and yeasts found naturally throughout the body as well as certain foods and supplements. Probiotics help our bodies maintain a healthy balance by supporting a variety of functions including digestion, creating vitamins, and preventing bad bacteria from entering our blood.
      Qumba Kombucha

      Take it with you.
      Everywhere. Anywhere.

      Through an advanced freeze-drying process, Qumba is able to maintain all the healthy and delicious goodness of kombucha. This makes Qumba Kombucha Powder ideal for any outdoor activity!
      Qumba Kombucha

      No fridge. No problem.

      Qumba Kombucha Powder requires no refrigeration and comes in a stylish, resealable bag to lock in the tasty goodness. Take it with you whenever you want to enjoy the health-boosting benefits of kombucha!
      Qumba Kombucha

      A happy gut
      is a happy life.

      Did you know that there are trillions of bacteria in your body with most living inside your intestines? Maintaining a well-fed and diverse gut microbiome has been proven to provide numerous health benefits. Qumba is packed with prebiotics and probiotics to help keep you healthy and feeling your best!
      Qumba Kombucha

      Get creative!

      Regular kombucha tends to have a strong tang and fizz from the fermentation process. With Qumba Kombucha, there is no vinegar or carbonation – just the delicious taste without any artificial flavors, colors, or dyes. If carbonation is your thing, you can enjoy the naturally-sweetened flavor of Qumba Kombucha by mixing it with sparkling water to add some pop and still be on-the-go!